Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP)

Welcome to our Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP)! Upon joining, financial assistance in the form of high financial backing for a 24-month period will be provided. An option of EDP-2000 to EDP-5000 will be made available to you in accordance with your qualifications.

12 months term (12 payouts) with terms and conditions.
• The EDP applicant must be an agent of PAMB for not more than 12 months. Part-time
agent must convert to full-time status with proof of resignation letter (with effective
• STPM passed certificate, or a recognized equivalent or higher academic qualification; or
• SPM or UEC-SML passed certificate with minimum 2 years full time working experience.
• Fresh graduate with less than 2 years working experience and income below RM 3,000 is
eligible to apply up to EDP-3000 only.
• Open to all former life insurance agents from other insurance companies.
• Agents who rejoin PAMB less than 18 months from the date of termination are NOT eligible
to apply for EDP.
• Applicant who has taken any form of financing from PAMB is not eligible to apply for EDP.
• Not an insolvent under administration or an undischarged bankrupt.

The approval as EDP agent is subject to the following conditions:
• Agency Leader’s interview and recommendation.
• Interview by:
• Approval by:
Candidate must achieve Total Production Credit (TPC) 10,000 via eSub within 3 months prior to
EDP application.
There are four (4) financing categories available under this Programme. The monthly allowance will be paid up to 12 months subject to requirements.

• Final approval on the financing category shall be at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion.
• The Agent’s average monthly income calculation does not include:
i. Earnings from PAMB
ii. Bonus
iii. Investment
iv. Part-time job
• Proof of income: latest 3 months pay slips and/or EPF Statement (certified true copy by
Agency Leader) is required.

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